Established in 1854

Mare Island, the nation’s first naval shipyard on the West Coast

Established in 1854

About Mare Island

Located at the confluence of the Napa River and San Francisco Bay, Mare Island continues to build on its shipyard roots with commercial, industrial, residential, educational and cultural uses thriving together.

Mare Island was the nation’s first naval shipyard on the West Coast, established in 1854 and ultimately closed in 1996. It is 5,000 acres and includes commercial, residential and open space uses. Mare Island includes walkable family friendly neighborhoods with single family homes and townhouses, an elementary school (the Mare Island Health and Fitness Academy),a university (Touro University),parks, and a grand natural setting.

Today, thousands of people come to Mare Island to experience the Island’s unique history, open space waterfront scenery and recreational opportunities. Every year, new businesses choose Mare Island as their home base due to the Island’s unique history and opportunities to grow and expand. Along with homes, parks and schools, Mare Island has more than 100 businesses, 2,400 full-time jobs, and 3.6 million square feet of occupied space.

With a growing residential community, unique cultural and recreational amenities, and a burgeoning business sector, Mare Island is a true mixed-use community. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our neighborhood!

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Mare Island:

  • Over 4 million square feet of additional commercial entitlements, including opportunities for new build-to-suit and commercial development
  • One of the Bay Area’s biggest commercial campuses with more than 100 businesses occupying 3.5 million square feet
  • Existing buildings available for reuse in a variety of layouts and sizes
  • Big space for large-scale enterprise and expansion
  • Strong community and government support for business and development
  • Easy access to the entire Bay Area market with regional transportation connections
  • A skilled workforce with available housing in walking distance
  • A growing mixed-use community with character and over 500 acres of open space
  • A working waterfront
  • An island with grand natural beauty